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Publications and presentations

HARC briefs

Introduction to Precision Home Visiting
HARC Guidelines Task Team (2018)

Coordination between Home Visiting Programs and Medical Homes
Belknap, A., O’Neill, K., Paradis, H., & Minkovitz, C. (2015).

Home Visiting Program Readiness to Serve Military Families with Very Young Children
Ross, A., Belknap, A., O’Neill, K., Landsverk, J. (2015).

Parent Engagement During Home Visiting: Learning from Home Visitor Experience and Perspectives
Sparr, M., Korfmacher, J. (2015).

Peer-reviewed publications

Coordination of early childhood home visiting and health care providers
Paradis, H., Belknap, A., O’Neill, K., Baggett, S., and Minkovitz, C. (2018). Children and Youth Services Review, 85:202-210.

Creating a National Home Visiting Research Network
Duggan A., Minkovitz, C., Chaffin, M., Korfmacher, J., Brooks-Gunn, J., Crowne, S., Filene, J., Gonsalves, K., Landsverk, J., and Harwood, R. (2013). Pediatrics, 132(S2):S82-S89.

Home Visiting: A Service Strategy to Reduce Poverty and Mitigate Its Consequences
Cynthia S. Minkovitz, Kay M. G. O’Neill, and Anne K. Duggan
April 2016 Issue of Academic Pediatrics, Volume 16, Number 3S, S105-S111.

Home Visiting Narrative: Rewrite Is in Progress
Cynthia S. Minkovitz, Kay M. Gonsalves O’Neill, and Anne K. Duggan
June 2014 Issue of JAMA Pediatrics; Volume 168; Number 6, 584-585.


Building A National R&D Platform for Precision Home Visiting


Coming soon!

Toolkits for service coordination and home visitor communication will be posted here in the coming months.