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Photo courtesy of Georgia State University

HARC hosts annual meetings as a forum for stakeholders to share research methods and learnings and to network in charting next steps in using research to broaden and strengthen home visiting impacts.

The tagline for each of our annual meetings is “The Collaborative Science of Home Visiting”. Dr. Mark Chaffin, one of the original members of our Leadership Team, coined that term in 2015 as we planned our first national annual meeting. Two of Mark’s strongly-held beliefs were his motivation.

  • First, Mark believed we should underscore the collaborative nature of actionable research, that is, that research results are more apt to be used to shape policy and practice if all stakeholders have a voice in posing research questions, designing methods, interpreting results, and sharing what is learned.
  • Second, he believed we should explicitly note the many ways in which home visiting relies on science. One way is through the theoretical basis for how services are designed. Another is through the science of implementation. A third is how, using a scientific approach in research, stakeholders could determine how to improve on the design of interventions, the fidelity with which they are implemented, and home visiting’s coordination with other services.

Our annual meeting has evolved over the years. For our early meetings, this section of the website provides the meeting agenda, presenters, and copies of slide decks. The first five years of HARC meetings featured HARC-related presentations as well as those selected from an abstract submission process. For our 2021 meeting, which was virtual, you will find video-recordings of each presentation and the Q&A sessions.