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HARC Briefs

HARC Statement of Solidarity

COVID-19’s Early Impact on Home Visiting
O’Neill K, Korfmacher J., Zagaja, C., & Duggan, A. (2020).

Group Parent Support in Home Visiting Programs
Korfmacher, J., Jacobsen, H., Harles, R., Gonzalez del Riego, C. (2019).

The Importance of Participatory Approaches in Precision Home Visiting Research.
The Home Visiting Applied Research Collaborative. (2018).

Introduction to Precision Home Visiting.
The Home Visiting Applied Research Collaborative. (2018).

Coordination between Home Visiting Programs and Medical Homes
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Home Visiting Program Readiness to Serve Military Families with Very Young Children
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Parent Engagement During Home Visits: Learning from Home Visitor Experiences and Perspectives
Sparr, M., Korfmacher, J. (2015).

Peer Reviewed Publications

Changing the home visiting research paradigm: models’ perspectives on behavioral pathways and intervention techniques to promote good birth outcomes.
Duggan, A.K., Bower, K.M., Zagaja, C., O’Neill, K., Daro, D., Harding, K., Ingalls, A., Kemner, A., Marchesseault, C., & Thorland, W.  (2021). Preprint available at:

The road to equity is paved with more than good intentions: building an effective early childhood system.
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Warm handoffs for improving client receipt of services: a systematic review.
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Service coordination to address maternal mental health, partner violence, and substance use: findings from a national survey of home visiting programs.
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The role of open science practices in scaling evidence-based prevention programs.
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Innovative research methods to advance precision in home visiting for more efficient and effective programs. 
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The role of state context in promoting service coordination in maternal, infant, and early childhood home visiting programs.
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Creating a measurement framework for service coordination in maternal and early childhood home visiting: An evidence-informed, expert process.
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Coordination of early childhood home visiting and health care providers.
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Home visiting: a service strategy to reduce poverty and mitigate its consequences.
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Home visiting narrative: rewrite is in progress. Letter to the editor.
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Creating a national home visiting research network.
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“Innovation Toward Precision Home Visiting”
Plenary Session presented at the Eighth National Summit on Quality in Home Visiting Programs. The session featured Anne Duggan, Brenda Jones Harden, Allison Kemner and Kathy Pillow-Price.

2018 Methods Meeting
The HARC Methods Meeting brought together national methods experts and home visiting experts to consider how innovative methods can be used to achieve precision home visiting. The meeting was designed to be an efficient way for attendees to learn about innovative research methods to advance precision home visiting, to consider how what is learned might be used in future work, and to connect with others whose work is helping to shape the field.

All meeting presentations can be viewed here.